Sajhi is inspired by trust, control, and love for social media users

Let's Sajhi!

Sajhi- Created with ambition to be a stakeholder in India’s digital ecosystem and find a place under the umbrella of make in India, a 100% indigenous social media platform, something which is beyond the expectations of users. What if someone tells you that all the social media features for which a user goes around different platforms has been put in one altogether!! Right from posting stuff like pictures, videos, creating blogs, finding new friends, doing group-chats etc to featuring your products on marketplace, watching movies, playing games, raising funds, finding and creating jobs and much more. With the ultra-smoothly running application, mind-boggling variety of stuffs to do and enormous possibilities of finding and meeting like-minded people across the globe, sajhi makes all these


To connect people together and to bring everyone closer to build a community. PRINCIPLES :- We are what we are meant for . We have faith to pursue our principles. 1. To provide a platform Everyone needs a platform to showcase their beliefs and where they can be heard. 2. To build a community We connect people together and to come along to discover new paths. 3. To protect our community We are always there to protect and safeguard our people . 4. To build a trust We are always trying our best to build a trust among our community and to make technology accessible to all. 5. To promote economically We promote businesses & start ups to help them grow and to give strength economically.