Sajhi - social networking - About

Sajhi is the largest and growing social media site in india and the world. This site makes is easy for you to keep in contact and share information with friends, relatives and co-workers.

The social platform was established in March 2020. Since its establishment, the Website has been adapted to the needs of Users while maintaining the maximum of your privacy. We do not follow our users, we are not interested in your life. We do not collect data that belongs only to you. Our goal is Users' satisfaction. To achieve the goal, we are constantly working on the Website, doing everything in our power to make it even more universal and user-friendly. enables: • Talking audio and video      • Video conferencing      • Adding a wit own materials      • Sharing matter wit

     • Commenting materials wit      • Reactions to the matter wit      • Creating wit your own circle of friends      • Creating wit own groups (public, closed ę this, secret)      • Save your favorite materials      • For entertainment (games, video) In addition, with the progress of work we will introduce new solutions and facilities. The social platform is created by its Users. We believe that thanks to your help we will create a strong medium that displaces competition.