When planting a garden, there are many different things you can use to add to the beauty. From statues and birdbaths to stepping stones and mulch, the possibilities are endless. One thing that can really liven up your garden is adding garden fencing panels. These panels create a beautiful border around your garden which really draws attention to the bed. There are many different options to choose from when selecting the material and style of panel that you wish to use.


A very popular style of garden panel is wooden. Of the styles that you can create with these panels, the most popular is the picket fence style. composite fencing panels This style consists of pickets, a flat wooden piece with a pointed top. The pickets run vertically along the fence while backboards are placed horizontally for both style and support. In between each picket is a gap that is approximately the same width as the picket. These gaps are what create the beautiful look of the traditional picket fence. The most popular color of this style of fence is white. A white picket fence is a very classic and simple way of adding an extra touch to your garden.


Bamboo fencing panels are also very popular especially in exotic gardens. This bamboo panel creates a very natural look around the bed. These panels come in a variety of heights so they can be used in both small and large lush gardens. The bamboo shoots are driven into the ground so that they run vertically. The tops of the shoots can be flat across or can be cut to create a slanted look. The panels are positioned side by side so that there are no gaps in between creating a solid barrier around the garden.


Both of these types are very easy to install. The picket fence style wooden panel generally comes pre-assembled in sections. Once you have the sections, you simply line them up in the way that you please and drive them into the ground. The bamboo can come in individual pieces or as a roll. With the individual pieces, the process is the same as with the wooden sections. You place the pieces where you wish for them to go and then drive them into the ground. With the roll style, you must first roll the bamboo out making sure that the entire length is in the position that you want. Once you are sure that the roll is aligned, you carefully drive the pieces into the ground.


Not only do garden fence panels enhance the look of your garden, but they also help to protect the flowers or vegetables inside. By creating a barrier, animals such as raccoons and possums can not come in and destroy what you have inside. Also, the panels can protect your flowers from strong winds that can usually break stems and destroy blooms.