Can it not be good? My shoe cabinet, sofa, tea table, table and stool will fall on my head. Is there any way to get this woman to leave. My happy life. Has it just begun? Is it going to end? I couldn't even swallow the rice, so I looked at Zhaohua gloomily and picked up a vegetable to feed Long Ye: "Come on.." Be good, open your mouth wide. This woman is not necessarily a good wife, but it seems that she will be a good mother for Long Ye's future children. If I don't do something soon.. But how can I deal with this brave woman King Kong? Is there any way to make her leave. The dragon comes every five days now. He should come today. Can you ask him about Zhaohua's weaknesses? Sure enough! The doorbell is ringing! Here comes the savior! I jumped up to open the door, Dragon! He smiled at me. "Vowel." "Ah, the dragon!" I cried on his chest and whispered in his ear, "I say to you, dragon!"! In any case, you must help me send Zhaohua away! Otherwise You don't want to come here! He was at a loss to see me climbing on his body, and did not dare to hold me, for a long time, had to pat me on the shoulder, asked: "What's wrong?" Will Zhaohua bully you? "No." She didn't do anything to me, but I.. I can't be in the same room with her. You know, I am a very fragile girl, and I am afraid of the way she expresses her love! She'll build a nuclear warhead! I tried my best to be pitiful. He sniggered and whispered, "Don't worry, she's never scored more than ten figures on a test." "But your life is so long that it will be dangerous in fifty years!"! And her strength is amazing. Also, ah, you are the patriarch, call her best and Long Ye separate,potassium sulphate fertilizer, you know, so Long Ye is very poor! He's going to kill himself! He took me off his body, walked in the door and said, "I can't help it.". Think about it for yourself. 55555, even the dragon is unreliable, do I really want to single-handedly challenge this horrible nuclear weapon maniac? Am I such a weak girl to bear the death of the earth? No way.. So I decided! For our lovely earth! For the great man! For the sake of children's flower-like smiles, no longer suffer from wind and rain! I've decided! Give up Long Ye! Send him to Zhaohua! Ye, ancient Wang Zhaojun and Fan for the big fellow, today you go through fire and water for the whole world! Amen! After making all the plans, I saw a handsome man who was following the dragon. Very familiar, with my unique photographic memory of handsome men, I immediately recognized: "Long Yi?"? How did you get together with the dragon? "He's coming to see Ye, Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP ,Magnesium Oxide powder," he said with a smile. Zhao Hua gave Long Yi a white look: "I have to take care of Ye. What else do you want?" I went to get a bowl for Long Yi and Long Yi. I heard Long Yi say with grievance, "Look at my brother. Has he sold himself to you?" With a snort, Zhaohua reached out and hugged Long Ye's neck and said, "I tell you, you can't rob my Long Ye even if no one wants you!" Hearing the word "no one wants", Long Yi's face changed on the spot. I looked at the furniture at home, busy understanding smile: "They are brothers ah.". ” "Who knows if he will be hungry?" Zhaohua pointed at him and said, "You don't know, now even the wheezing dog in heaven has been soaked in the Persian cat of the Queen Mother, only he is still nobody interested!" Suddenly, Long Yi stood up! I gasped! My lovely TV.. My expensive coffee table.. My dear computer.. // Chapter 11 The Savior Comes (2) Bye-bye Bye-bye forever. Next, something terrible happened. Long Yi pulled Zhaohua's sleeve and burst into tears: "5555555555.." It's not what I want. When Yanhua and I first met, it was really beautiful, blue sky and white clouds, bright sunshine, spring all over the world.. Zhaohua frowned and pushed him against me. So he pulled me by the sleeve and cried, "I remember the first time we met, she sat by the lake and slowly combed her red beard and green hair.." When the sun shone on her, I really don't know how to describe her beauty, she was as thin as a shoelace, as colorful as a rainbow.. I rolled my eyes and wanted to ignore him, but. "Hey, Long Yi, all my clothes are wet with your tears." Will you wring it out for me first? I asked. "I was still such a small dragon, but I was hit by her beauty and couldn't extricate myself," he sobbed as he lifted the hem of my clothes to squeeze water. I went over and asked her about her height, weight and measurements, and the date of our wedding. Unexpectedly, she didn't understand my pursuit of beauty at all, and she actually. Her answer to me was. A slap. This is a normal reaction! I pushed him away gloomily to change his clothes, because he didn't wring as much water off as he wiped on me. He kept grabbing my sleeve and following me. When I closed the door, he leaned on my door and said, "This is the first time I've been hurt.." From then on, my young and ignorant heart was covered with the first shadow. I didn't expect that I would leave behind the title of a lady-killer. When I was only four years old.. When I changed my clothes and came out, he grabbed the back of my clothes and continued to cry: "I thought at least she could remember me, but …" She actually asked someone who I was at the second meeting. It's only been more than seventy years, and I've suffered so many years of shame for her that she's forgotten who I am. Isn't there a song that goes like this? He sang with tears and sobs: "I have paid so much for you, but you have never been moved.." I felt a big wet lump on my back and had to stand up again to change my clothes. Zhaohua clapped his chopsticks, stood up, grabbed Long Yi's collar,Magnesium Sulphate producer, threw it into the corner, and then beat him up! It's really gratifying. So I didn't stop it. Go and Long Ye to grab the cabbage heart to eat, even the dragon pretended not to see.