Although Jack several people do not have much affection for Jun Linxia, but to the clever and sensible Jun Hao, they still have a good impression, plus now the children smile sweetly called their uncle and aunt, looking at his innocent big eyes, they feel that their dirty hearts seem to have been purified in general. Six people, including the most loathing King Linxia Lena, have made a shallow response to Jun Hao's smile, at this point, the temporary alliance formally reached. King Linxia is an unswerving temperament, has its own code of conduct, from the moment Qingcang shook hands with her, she regarded them as her partners, unreservedly told the whole plan she had made before. It was at this time that Qing Cang and others knew what the most powerful card in her hand was. Not her mysterious array, nor her super-high brain control means, but their weapons sucked away by her. If just Qing Cang did not shake hands and make peace, Jun Hao is about to shake the crystal plate in his hand, open the automatic strafing mode of weapons, and carry out the most lethal crit on Qing Cang and others. One shot, two shots, Qing Cang may still be able to escape, but ten shots, King Linxia does not believe that he can all escape. However, now this device can not be used, but it is King Linxia's superb modification of machine technology, and several people were surprised. After all,Magnesium Oxide powder, in the entire human alliance, such as King Linxia's hands-on ability against the sky, almost all-round talent is not much, or even very rare. In addition to her age, a minor girl in her early twenties really shocked Qingcang and others. At the same time, she was glad that the two sides were in a temporary strategic alliance. There was very little energy left in the ship, and according to King Linxia's plan, she had made two alternative plans, but now that the negotiations had been successful,dap diammonium phosphate, the first plan to exclude six people was automatically invalid. There was still a second option left, which was to turn off the fire completely and pretend to be an abandoned ship, waiting to be picked up by the starship of the scavengers. In this way, they don't have to waste energy, and they don't have to worry about customs clearance, which is the best of both worlds. King Linxia immediately told the six people what he thought, and with their consent, he began to use the remaining energy of the ship to camouflage the ship. In this way, after a whole day of preparation, the spacecraft completely stalled, except for a light left in the central dining room, the rest of the place was dark, looking like an unmanned spacecraft. Preparations are done, and then there is a long wait. At present, the stop area of the spaceship is very close to the Thousand Star City. In the vicinity of the Thousand Star City, scavenger ships come and go, and there will always be a time when they meet the spaceship. King Linxia set up a very successful camouflage for the ship, after several people waited anxiously for half a month, caustic calcined magnesite ,magnesium sulfate monohydrate, the ship that had been neglected was salvaged by a huge scavenger ship. At the moment of being picked up, Junhao was nestling in his mother's arms and counting with his fingers. As he counted, he suddenly felt a sense of weightlessness, which made him and his mother roll together. After a long time, he pulled the handrail to fix his body. Jun Hao was so frightened that he almost cried out, but before he could cry out, he was covered by Jun Linxia, who had quick eyes and quick hands. After a strong sense of weightlessness, it was a strong bump, which lasted for more than ten seconds, and finally "bang" a huge muffled sound, the shaking spacecraft finally stopped. In the dining room of the spaceship, the crooked Jack and others looked at each other and finally laughed silently. Jun Hao, who had been covering his mouth by Jun Linxia, saw this and carefully took down his mother's hand and asked gently: "Mom, has our spaceship been picked up?" King Linxia smiled and nodded, then stretched out his index finger on his lips, motioning him not to make a sound. Jun Hao hurriedly raised his hand to cover his small mouth, and the color of excitement in his eyes grew stronger and stronger. There is a mother, for unknown places, strange things, the child does not feel terrible, on the contrary, from the mother's mouth to know how wonderful the outside world, the child's heart is full of expectations. There is no doubt that the spaceship has been salvaged by the scavenger ship, and the intense and exciting smuggling career has officially begun. All the lights in the spacecraft had been extinguished, leaving only a small light with a very low brightness. The restaurant is clearly divided into two parts, one is occupied by the mother and son of King Linxia, and the other is occupied by the six people of Qingcang. Although it is still the relationship between employment and being employed, not everyone can be as confident as King Linxia, who does not regard temporary partners as enemies. The days of smuggling were extremely boring, and several people in the spaceship were divided into two camps in addition to eating, drinking, and sleeping. Jack Wu and Allen discuss what they are going to do when they get their citizenship cards, while Leakey and Lena occupy a corner and immerse themselves in their own little world. Jun Linxia, while concentrating, explained to Jun Hao that the Thousand Star City was a variety of different races, only to hear the little man's eyes shining, surprised to open his mouth slightly, and from time to time issued a sigh of "wow", which was very cute. Qing Cang watched silently, occasionally the corners of his mouth would turn up slightly, feeling that the mother and son did not seem to be so annoying. Chapter 69 welcome to the Thousand Star City. Time passed imperceptibly, and on the eighth day after the ship was salvaged, King Linxia and others, who had been bored to stare at each other, suddenly heard a gentle and firm female voice ringing outside the ship. It seems to be the system broadcast on the scavenger ship, the sound insulation effect of the spacecraft is too good, King Linxia and others only faintly heard some vague sounds. What congratulations home, thousand star city welcome your arrival and so on, after also said a lot about the introduction of thousand star city, but King Linxia and others have been unable to listen to. A pair of dim eyes were brighter than hundreds of watts of light bulbs in an instant, and several people looked at each other and quickly stood up from the floor, trembling with excitement. Jun Linxia is a lot of calm, leisurely holding a face of confused Jun Hao stood up, did not speak, just lightly swept the Qing Cang several people,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, and then listen to the system broadcast outside, while listening, while giving the bosom of the confused villain dictated out.