"Well, the battle must have been very fierce." "Tragic?"? You could say that! The withered leaf sighed: "I was young and vigorous at that time, and my cultivation was almost the same as yours now, while that Xiao Kun was slightly inferior, but he had two powerful spiritual weapons in his hand." "We rolled over and over to fight for several hours, from the victory or defeat, two people's magic power is almost exhausted, in comparison, my realm is deeper, the situation is a little better, Xiao Kun saw to be defeated, but the despicable use of insidious and obscene tricks.." "A trick?" Lin Xuan was stunned: "Isn't this witchcraft meeting a competition? How can you use insidious and obscene tricks?" "This is nothing strange," withered leaf's face reveals a trace of embarrassed smile: "Since millions of years ago, our Moyue clan was defeated by the Qin clan, had to migrate to this poor mountains and rivers, the clan inland leaders have not forgotten to revenge for a moment, so although it is a competition, but there is no difference with the real fight, there is no pedantic restriction, victory is the only criterion. As long as we can win, any means can be used. Come on, took a look at Lin Xuan: "Roy, this is what I want to remind you, in the witchcraft meeting,Dissolved Gas Flotation, do not have a benevolent mentality, otherwise you will suffer a great loss." "Mmm." Lin Xuan nodded, showing a submissive expression, but a little strange: "But the elder, his men show no mercy, what if the dead?" You should know that the Moyue people are not prosperous, and the wizard is a precious resource. Don't worry, with us old guys here, how could that happen? If the situation is not right,Mechanical fine screen, we will stop it. At this point, he paused and returned to the story just now: "In the competition between me and Xiao Kun, he used a trick. If I was hit, I would not die, but I would definitely lose. If I did not enter the top ten, the elixir that Cang Bu got that day would be negligible.." Chapter 389 city in the city. "I had no choice but to lay down a heavy hand. Did you see Xiao Kun's left eye? It was I who blinded him." Withered leaves said here, sighed slightly: "I won that competition, but also with the other side of a lot of quarrels." So, Lin Xuan silently nodded, that Xiao Kun a look is vindictive temper: "Elder, he did not seek revenge for you?" "No." The withered leaf obviously understood what he was thinking: "Because the witchcraft convention was too intense, although the elders of the tribes were watching over it, very few people were killed, but there were many injuries." "Hatred has naturally come down, but this is not in line with the original intention of the conference, not to mention that the number of wizards is not large nowadays, rapid sand filters ,Wall Penstocks, so soon after the migration here, the clan has laid down an iron law that private fights between wizards are strictly prohibited." At this point, he took one look at Lin Xuan and said worriedly, "Roy, although the duel in private is forbidden, that Xiao Kun hates me so much that he grits his teeth. With his temperament, he will never let it go so easily. He is likely to attack you.". \\/\” "Do it to me?" Lin Xuan had already anticipated in his heart, but his face was just right to show the color of surprise. Yes, you can't vent your anger and fight privately, but in the competition field, you have your own destiny. At the witchcraft meeting, he is likely to order the disciples of this tribe to kill you. Seeing that Lin Xuan bowed his head and kept silent, the withered leaves changed the subject and comforted him: "But you don't have to worry. After all, this is just my wizard from dozens of tribes. You may not be together." But if.. I mean, if you are really separated from the people in the dust department, you must be hot and ruthless. There is no room for any pity. Roy's temper seemed a little weak, so the withered leaves were not at ease to tell him again and again. \ \/ "Elder, I remember." As they spoke, they came to a large building. It's a bit like an inn, but it's beautifully built. This is the inn where the Kuiyue tribe settles the sorcerers of various tribes. Lin Xuan looked at the front of the building, although only three stories, but as high as seven or eight Zhangs, the momentum is very majestic. There are also two wizards standing at the door, but they are only low-level disciples of the smart period. See Lin Xuan and withered leaves come over. As soon as the man on the left swept away his divinity, he hurriedly said respectfully, "See the two seniors, you are.." "The old man is the withered leaf of Tiancang Department. This is the wizard of my department who took part in the big test this time. His name is Roy." It was obviously not the first time that the withered leaves had come here, and they were familiar with the rules of the inn. \ \/\ Without waiting for the other party to finish asking, he began to introduce himself in a familiar way. When the two men heard this, the expressions on their faces became more and more awestruck. Tribal elders usually need a period of congealing Dan to cultivate the above. It turned out to be a distinguished guest of the Tiancang Department. Junior, I'll take you two to your room. The young sorcerer on the left was even more clever, but the withered leaves on his face did not buy it. "No, you just need to give us the waist card," he said lightly. "Then.." Fine The young wizard on the left had a dark expression, but he did not dare to disobey at all. He clapped his hand on the storage bag and handed over two black waist cards. There are two crooked numbers engraved on the waist card, which should be their door number. Lin Xuan followed the withered leaves to the second floor. Roy, we're staying here for the time being, and if you need anything, you can just ask the waiters. \ \ \ You're welcome. "Yes, Elder, the disciple knows that you should have a good rest first. I have other things to do. I want to visit some old friends." "Be my guest, Elder." Withered leaves smiled, turned to leave, Lin Xuan breathed a sigh of relief, and then looked at his room, quite large, about more than 100 square meters, although the furnishings are not luxurious. But it's also very elegant. It can be seen that the Kuiyue Department has made great efforts to receive other wizards from afar. Lin Xuan sat down on the bed. Releasing his divine consciousness, he felt around him that the dead leaves had indeed gone, and then he lay down boldly and rested. Sleeping for a while, Lin Xuan looked up at the sky outside, the sun was still in the sky, the time was quite early,disc air diffuser, so he went out of the inn, like walking outside. \ \/\ The only one who can enter the city within the city is the immortal cultivator of the Moyue clan. Lin Xuan looked for someone to inquire about it, and then walked to the southwest corner of the city without hesitation. khnwatertreatment.com