The carbon pricing mechanism is one of the new models that China embraces as it pledges to achieve maximum greenhouse gas emissions before 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2060, which "will bring enormous investment and investment opportunities.

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Change the financial business model

the former head of the China Securities Regulatory Commission.It's been two months since China's first carbon market started trading in July. Replaces the largest European Union in the world, as of September 16,

the cumulative trading volume of The market's CarbonEmissions Allowance (CEA) was 8.4 million tonnes, with cumulative turnover of 417 million yuan ($64 million).So far, the market has covered more than 2,000 companies, most of them state-owned energy companies and thermal giants.

which operates coal and gas plants Markets provide financial incentives to reduce emissions. Basically, companies are allowed to buy or sell carbon credits on the market. which is a quota or allowance for emissions incurred during production

With traditional industries making great efforts to reduce CO2 emissions in line with China's green drive. Experts say reopening will inevitably happen in sectors such as wind and solar. high quality production and innovative applications using carbon as an environmentally friendly