When buying a car vacuum cleaner, pay attention to these three points: wireless + suction power + volume. After seeing these three points, avoid miscellaneous brands and choose from big brands. The budget is between 200 yuan and 600 yuan, so you can I bought a pretty good car vacuum cleaner.

1. Wired and wireless car vacuum cleaners are divided into two types. One is plugged into the cigarette lighter to supply power. This is a relatively old-fashioned car vacuum cleaner. When used, it is restricted by the power cord, which is very inconvenient to use. . The other is a car vacuum cleaner with a built-in battery, which is more convenient to use after charging. Therefore, car vacuum cleaners with built-in batteries are preferred.

2. The suction power is below 5000pa, which is an entry-level car vacuum cleaner, which is not enough. The suction power is at the standard level of 5000-8000pa, which can meet the daily use. Suction power above 8000pa is absolutely sufficient, which is a level of excess performance.

3. The smaller car vacuum cleaner is like a thermos cup, which can be placed in the central armrest, and the suction power is slightly smaller. The bigger one is like a baseball bat, which can be placed under the driver's seat or in the trunk. It has a large suction power. There are pros and cons of the two sizes, you can choose according to your needs. As mentioned earlier, when buying a vacuum cleaner, you can look at the three points of wireless + suction + volume. Vacuum cleaners that are too low in quality are of poor quality, and vacuum cleaners that are too expensive are too expensive.

Therefore, it is appropriate to put the budget between 200-600 yuan, and you can pick it from the big brands. According to the Jingdong sales list and user evaluation, in the price range of 200-600 yuan, I only recommend these three cost-effective models.